23 Dec 2019

A little paradise for the perfect getaway in the Middle East

A little paradise for the perfect getaway in the Middle East

High-end shopping, non-stop entertainment, global culinary experiences and the serenity of the coastal sea- that’s the perfect description for a pampering getaway, any day. But where to? Al Khobar Corniche, Saudi Arabia. Yes, you read that right!

Set in the coastal heart of Al Khobar city, the Corniche neighbourhood is a luxurious retreat with its picturesque promenade, shopping avenues, gastronomic treats from around the world and an array of entertainment all year round.

As one of the largest cities in the Gulf continent, Al Khobar is Saudi Arabia’s 3rd largest metropolitan and the commercial heart of the country. Al Khobar’s journey as a global landmark begun a few decades ago when oil was discovered in its land. As a coastal belt city, Al Khobar is a significant port for trade, bringing in people from different parts of the world who over the years stayed back in the city.

Moreover, the booming commerce in the land continues to welcome expats who come here for business. The result, a multicultural and vibrant society, with more than half of its population from around the world.

So, if you’re planning a little getaway with family and friends, or if business brings you here, you’re in for a full-fledged Mediterranean treat. Here are a few tips to truly enjoy your getaway.


Rule no.1 to the perfect holiday- the right stay. Now you’re looking to unwind in leisure and yet sometimes hotels do not give you the comforts of a home. Then why not opt for one that offers you both. The corniche is lined with luxury and leisure hotels, nonetheless, one highly recommended place is the newly launched Ascott Corniche Al Khobar, luxury hotel apartments. The fully furnished apartments offer the comforts of a home and the conveniences of a hotel, with leisure and recreational activities for all age groups. Find out more about the property and plan your bookings before their launch offer ends. 




If you’re planning a short stay with family or a smaller group of friends, than cabbing it out would be best. However, if you’re planning a longer stay or with a big group of people, renting out a vehicle would be more ideal. Public transport is in ample in Al Khobar, if you’re good to travel local.








Apart from the chains of culinary experiences, the highlight of the neighbourhood is its calm, serene and pleasant corniche. Enjoy blissful evening strolls, countless amazing dining and gastronomic experiences, shop from an array of international brands, and engage in the ample entertainment and cultural activities that are adorned right around the corniche.

The corniche begins to the north of the King Fahd Causeway with a wide, sun-soaked avenues that runs for a few miles. Palm tree-lined walkways are perfect for a stroll. You’ll also catch sight of the seafront Al Hariri mosque, a structure that looks stunning against the crystal-clear sunlit gulf during the day, and magnificent arches that are illuminated in the night. The three-storey Khobar Water Tower marks an iconic landmark on Al Khobar’s skyline. Parks are the main hallmark of the corniche, and is busy with joggers, cyclists, and families who come here to enjoy the sunshine and the picturesque seafront.


Al Khobar is a thriving spot of gourmet treats. International chains and local eateries like Burger Fuel, Piatto, BlueMar, Café Liwan, Starbucks, and an array of cafes and coffee houses adorn the beautiful corniche. Apart from these, a must-try from the menus are the fresh baskets of seafood that are locally-fished, fresh and prepared with flavourful recipes.


Entertainment is part of the lifestyle of the people at the corniche with museums, adventure parks, escape rooms and more to keep one engaged all day long. From the famous Scitech Technology Center that has fun and interactive space for kids, the museum has extensive wildlife, space, and technical innovations. You could also head to Scitech’s IMAX Dome for a documentary or film. The neighbourhood is also home to the country’s flagship Toy Town and leisure centre where families come and enjoy an entire day. From video game counters for kids to escape room for adult and teens, the centre has activities for everyone in the family.