09 Apr 2019

Must-Have Features of Short Term Serviced Apartments

3 Features your short-term serviced apartment must have!

What is your abstraction of a perfect vacation? Maybe, going on a paragliding adventure or watching yourself sail through the mighty sea waves. The modest souls may picture themselves sitting by the beach watching the sunrise or admiring the wonders of nature as the moon shines majestically over the snow-covered peaks.

Did the picture of a comfortable and amiable stay crop in your mind along with these? Most probably, not! Because an average traveller is used to the twinges and discomfort of a typical hotel room.

Now, it’s time to release your not-so-pleasant and mediocre experiences when staying in a hotel room. With new age service apartments ruling the temporary accommodation sector, travellers can now relish the experience they have been missing for ages- the underrated pleasure of a warm and home-like accommodation experience.

Earlier, service apartments used to be the abode of choice for those who were looking forward to an extended stay. However, today more and more vacationers are opting for serviced apartments even for short-term stays. 

So, if you wish to have a hassle-free stay at a serviced apartment, here are some essential features which your short term habitat ought to have.

1. A well-equipped kitchen

When you are on vacation, there will be days when your taste buds would simply refuse to agree with the spices used in restaurant food. Also, there will be times when your late-night conversation with your partner would demand two cups of piping hot tea. You may have kids who don’t seem to get along with the local food of the place. 

For such occasions, your serviced apartment should have a decent kitchen with at least the basic utensils and the amenities so that you can quickly put together a decent meal for yourself or your family.

2. Flexibility

One of the many reasons why travellers love service apartments is for their flexibility and customisation. Serviced apartments are quite versatile in aspects like the size of the apartments, services like laundry, room service, housekeeping services; cleaning etc. 

Most of the serviced apartments also provide additional services on demand so that their guests can fully enjoy their stay without any hassle.

3. Safety

Some people do love to stay away from the clamor of the crowd and are always on the lookout for seclusion when on vacations. However, when you are travelling to an unfamiliar town, it is imperative to understand the difference between a desolate and a peaceful location. For your own safety and the well-being of those travelling along with you, never choose apartments which are fully isolated from the town. 

To stay away from shady places, it is always a good idea to do your prior research regarding the locality you would be staying in.

Also, make sure that your apartment is armed with safety features like CCTV and security guards, because who would want to be persistently anxious about safety when you have a lot of other things to worry about while holidaying like your tan or shopping bills!