10 Jul 2018

Dining Experiences in Riyadh

Bustling and vibrant, Riyadh is not just the capital city of Saudi Arabia – the Middle-Eastern metropolis also provides numerous opportunities for memorable dining experiences, catering to diners with budgets of all kinds. Whether you’re looking to tuck into a three-course meal at a luxurious restaurant, or opting for something more budget-friendly, Riyadh has dining options for everyone.


Maestro Azzurro
Price Range: $$$$

Located approximately 24km from Ascott Rafal Olaya >> Get Directions

If you’re looking for a true Italian fine dining experience in Riyadh, look no further than Azzurro. You’ll find passion, attention-to-detail, quality and authenticity infused into the dishes served, and an atmosphere filled to the brim with luxury, warmth, and elegance.

Maestro Pizza
Price Range: $

Located approximately 4km from Ascott Rafal Olaya >> Get Directions

A local-owned brand, Maestro Pizza has certainly set the bar for all pizza joints in Riyadh. This restaurant prides itself on its commitment to provide affordability, timely delivery and great quality. At Maestro Pizza, you’re in for delicious food at a great price.



Maharaja East by Vineet  
Price Range: $$$$

Located approximately 17km from Ascott Rafal Olaya >> Get Directions

Considered a world-class restaurant with world-class service, Maharaja East by Vineet is renowned for its undeniably outstanding value and sensational food. Maharaja East promises that you will never leave disappointed if you’re looking for an extraordinary Indian gastronomic experience.

Price Range: $

Located approximately 24km from Ascott Rafal Olaya >> Get Directions

A hidden treasure in Riyadh, most diners consider Classic to be one of the capital’s finest authentic Indian restaurants, offering extremely reasonable prices to boot. If you’re looking for great Indian food on a budget, this restaurant will certainly provide you with the fix that you need.



Price Range: $$$$

Located approximately 18km from Ascott Rafal Olaya >> Get Directions

Highly recommended by an immeasurable number of Asian-Cuisine enthusiasts, Nozomi exudes extravagance, from the food served, to the service, to the design and layout. Deemed by many to be a can’t miss when in town, Nozomi guarantees the utmost satisfaction.

The Villa Restaurant
Price Range: $

Located approximately 15km from Ascott Rafal Olaya >> Get Directions

The Villa Restaurant is the perfect example to not judge a book by its cover. Here, the food is the focus. Aside from its extensive menu, the food served, and the attentiveness of the staff have been met with glowing reviews. Pay a visit yourself and you’ll soon learn why.



Al Orjouan
Price Range: $$$$

Located approximately 24km from Ascott Rafal Olaya >> Get Directions

Thought to offer one of the best buffets in Riyadh, Al Orjouan provides a vast selection that is sure to cater to individual tastes. Hospitable, memorable and delectable are some of the few terms used to describe the dining experience at this restaurant.

Mama Noura
Price Range: $

Located approximately 21km from Ascott Rafal Olaya >> Get Directions

Whether it is simply just along the way or a long term stay in Riyadh, stopping by Mama Noura is a must. Their freshly pressed juices and reasonably priced menu will keep you coming back for more.