09 Jul 2020

Charge up your future travel plans with ASR

Ascott Points Purchase Promo

TRAVEL. The one word, feeling and action that had almost come to a pause worldwide in the past few months is something we look forward to more than anything right now. It is a path we take to discover, to learn new, to unwind or to find new opportunities. Whether for leisure or business, travel today is inevitable.

At Ascott, we enjoy and absolutely love the excitement that comes with travel and living. A new city is even better. New is great, but certainly one cannot help but miss the comforts of home. This is where we come in. Offering exclusive living in the heartbeats of cities, we endeavour to offer the perfect home away from home set-up that offers the luxuries of a hotel with the familiar comforts of a home.

Whether you enjoy an absolutely luxurious living, or a savvy lifestyle, or a simple, sophisticated and spacious place, our properties are catered to ensure you’re at ease.

As the curtains of code red on international and local travel seem to drop bit by bit, the confidence to rediscover travel is surging. We may not be able to step out, take that flights to that long-planned destination today, but we will someday, someday soon. And if you’re ready to plan your next travel, we are ready for you.

Introducing the new Ascott Star Rewards Points Purchase promotion that allows you to recharge your points and take that next step in planning your vacations. Book your stay across any of our 700 properties in 30 countries for the next two years with no cap, no minimum redemption, no blackout dates and much more added value privileges. You could also gift these points to family or friends as a great escape gift. Afterall, who doesn’t love travel.

If you would like to read more about this, or avail the ASR Points Purchase promo, visit https://www.the-ascott.com/en/member/buy-points.html