01 Sep 2018

How To Get Back Into A Routine After Being On Holiday

­As the summer holiday season draws to a close, the thoughts of returning to work or school starts to dawn on us. We find ourselves counting down the days until our next vacation and dread what is to come once we return.

Fear not – we’ve got few strategies to help you conquer the post-holiday blues and get back into the swing of things without feeling burned out.  

  • Organize your tasks: The night before, make a list of your responsibilities, from most urgent to least. This gives you time to catch up on what you need to get done without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Take it easy: Don’t dive into your responsibilities all at once – take baby steps and give yourself time to transition back into a work environment.
  • Focus on the enjoyable aspects of your routine: Whether it’s seeing your friends after school or heading to the gym after work, find strength in what you enjoy to push through the tough days.
  • Set new and smart goals: Identify skills that you’d like to master. Setting new challenges for yourself gives you a renewed sense of motivation whether at work or in school.
  • Catch up with your friends: Spending time with your colleagues or classmates can improve your experience at work or school, so make the time to sit down and catch up with them. 
  • Go shopping: While for some, this may be added stress, purchasing new stationery to bring, and clothes to wear at work or school can give you the confidence and motivation to conquer the day.
  • Make plans: Whether it’s planning for lunch in between classes, or your next vacation from work, making plans gives you something to look forward to, and gives you a greater sense of enthusiasm.