12 Sep 2019

A Home Away From Home in Saudi Arabia

Ascott Saudi Arabia, a home away from home.

Saudi Arabia is surprising the world with its significant plans in business and technology. The country is taking it easy on age-old traditions and paving the way for modern economy and entertainment. Vision 2030 is opening doors to ingenious opportunities, drawing attention from international investors and businesses. Naturally, the country is welcoming more and more expats from around the world.

Riyadh is not only the cultural capital but also the commercial capital of the country. While, Jeddah is a religious destination that attracts millions of believers every year, making its Islamic port one of the busiest in the Arab world. Subsequently, the ratio of long-term and short-term travelers are rising, opening an enormous opportunity to the real estate market.

Businesses are attracting long-term expats in Riyadh and Jeddah. These travelers, whether singles or with family, are increasingly seeking temporary sanctuaries that are smart, safe, and reliable alternatives to big-budget and mundane hotels. While hotels are a great choice on a holiday, one would require a more balanced lifestyle on a long trip. On the other hand, a new city is always unfamiliar territory. So to be around those who share similar stories can be more comforting. 

Serviced apartments have long been the most sensible solution. Where you have the privacy to rent out your own space and make it your temporary home, indulge in brilliant amenities offered by the property, while enjoying a fully serviced apartment. In short, a home minus the maintenance.

The Ascott Limited is an international chain of serviced apartments that offer world-class services while picking on local nuances to make their guests feel at home no matter where they open in the world. Each property is a space of serenity and energy, lavishly furnished and featuring the best of amenities. You will always find an Ascott property at the center of a city, amidst busy business landmarks, and graceful cultural attractions, offering you living opportunities that will in no time tie you to the roots of the city.
The Ascott Limited has similar plans for Jeddah and Riyadh, with a few properties operational in the respective cities, we have plans for much more in the coming years. Our featured properties are strategically planned to suit traveler preferences. From luxury serviced apartments to a smart, minimalistic take on homes, we offer an array of choices to our guests.

Our luxury serviced apartments are specifically built to address the demands of frequent travelers and businessmen looking for a comfortable place to stay. Our apartments are a retreat from the daily stress of city life, such as pollution, lack of space, etc., and allow them to relax at a place that they can comfortably call their home

Ascott's apartments are not only incredibly spacious in comparison to hotel rooms but also featured with all the comforts of a home, including fully equipped kitchenettes and lavish living and dining rooms within the apartment, and restaurants, conference rooms, juice bars, swimming pool, kids play area, and much more within the property.

If there is one thing that makes service apartment properties special, it is service. While visitors are limited to room services in hotels, serviced apartments offer high levels of assistance to make extended stays much more comfortable. 

Why opt for an Ascott property?

Here are the top five service areas of Ascott's furnished apartments in Jeddah and Riyadh that will make your stay a memorable one:

1.      Comfort & Flexibility

Whether it is a fully-equipped kitchenette in the apartment that allows you to cook a delicious dinner for family or friends, or versatility in terms of services such as laundry, housekeeping, cleaning, etc., Ascott's serviced apartments in Jeddah offer a high level of flexibility. We also have on-demand additional services for you to allow you to enjoy your stay without any hassle fully. 

2.      Ideal for Long Stays

Hotel bookings anywhere in the world are on a higher benchmark in price if one is considering an extended stay. However, a fully furnished apartment in the Ascott property offers comparatively fare rates.

Our properties are safe, armed with various safety features, including 24/7 security guards, CCTV cameras, to ensure your safety while you enjoy your stay, exploring the city or wrapping up essential business deals.

3.      Spacious and Stylish Like Home

As a preferred choice, Ascott’s apartments are not only friendly on your wallet but offers you in true sense a home away from home. The apartments here are optimized strategically for spacious rooms and designed contemporarily, offering you the opportunity to impress your guests as a host.

4.      Centralised Location

Convenience is core to our offerings. Which is why, all Ascott properties are at the center of the city, making it an accessible point no matter where you go.  

5.      Tie-Up with Local Service Providers

This is yet another excellent feature of Ascott's serviced apartments. You don’t have to look around for the best local deals anymore. Find discounts on F&B, laundry, and entertainment services within the property premises itself.

In simple words, if you’re planning a long travel to Jeddah or Riyadh and it’s your first time, welcome home with The Ascott Limited.