19 Mar 2019

As a traveler would you go for a serviced apartment or hotel?

As a traveler would you go for a serviced apartment or hotel?

What's better than seeing new places and exploring novel cultures? Perhaps, travelling to exciting destinations and coming back at the end of the day to the warmth of a cozy home! 

Let's be real, no matter, how much we love travelling, we always crave the freedom and comfort of a home, especially if the stay is longer than a week. The monotonous food of the hotels and the pocket-sized rooms accompanied by the hefty prices leave no stone unturned in making us homesick.


That is when service apartments can come to your rescue. Let's see why more and more travelers are choosing serviced apartments over conventional hotels.

1. Bigger rooms

A serviced apartment is about twice the size of a typical hotel room meaning you have ample space to do things you love. Maybe break into a random dance with your partner or follow your exercise routine whilst you are on vacation. This extra space also comes in handy when you are travelling with kids who generally don't get the liberty to enjoy themselves to the fullest in a compact hotel room. 

Also, if you are someone who has to travel frequently for work, service apartments give you the latitude to unwind and relax while you continue to fulfill your work commitments.

2. A home away from home

Maybe you prefer waking up to the aroma of freshly made ginger-tea or your body refuses to go to sleep without the perfect mug of hot chocolate with just the right hint of caramel and cinnamon! 

Travelling, sometimes, means bidding adieu to the comforts of a home. However, you can experience the same degree of repose in a service apartment. Service apartments provide cookware and cooking facilities so that you can prepare your own meals according to your taste and preference. Especially, if you are someone who is on a restricted diet, you don't have to compromise your health while travelling. Amazing, isn't it? 

Also, you can have friends or relatives come over for dinner or a cards night if you wish because service apartments are not as immutable as hotels.

You can still relish your vacation time as you need not to worry about cleaning, changing the sheets, laundry, etc. all these amenities are just a phone call away, just like conventional hotels.

3. Cost-effective

Unlike hotel rooms which lodge only two guests, service apartments have space for up to 5-6 people for roughly the same price. Plus, having a fully-equipped kitchen means that you don't need to afflict your pockets, or your taste buds every time you feel like enjoying something as simple as a cup of coffee or noodles while on your vacation. If your stay duration is longer than a month, the service apartments can be your best bet when it comes to saving money both on food and accommodation.

4. More privacy

Service apartments give you the benefit of relaxing as and when you like as they are free from the chaos of a hotel. For someone who wishes to seek respite from the humdrum or wishes to gift themselves some quality time without having to worry about the household responsibilities, consider booking a service apartment instead of a hotel on your next vacation.

Hotel Vs Serviced Apartments- which should you choose?

If you are travelling to a new city for a day or two, you may consider staying in a hotel. But if you are travelling with kids or with friends, plan on staying for long, wish to break away from the monotony of your daily life, or are looking forward to the experience of living like a local whilst visiting a new city, you will definitely want to give service apartments a try for their latitude, comfort, and versatility.